Many will walk in & out of your life, but only true friends will leave paw prints in your heart.

Confucian Whistlin Dixie

24th October 2000 - 12th April 2005

Dixie passed quickly & unexpectedly by my side from the complications of a virus which led to Bronchial Pneumonia. Dixie was the clown who loved to play to her audience, she died far to young & we will always miss her silly smiley face.

Negative for Amyloidosis.

Myojo Promises Kept At Confucian J.W.

13th September 1993 - 19th April 2004

Mica was a real sweetheart & didn't have a spiteful bone in her body ~ she did her fair share of winning including 2 Best Puppy in Show & earning her Junior Warrant. Sadly Mica had a compromised immune system caused we suspect through vaccination boosters ( which we no longer give ) we never bred her & she eventually succumbed to all her health problems & passed with congestive heart failure.

Negative for Amyloidosis.


1st January 1996 - 10th April 2007


Mikey was diagnosed with intestinal cancer in March, we had to make the heartbreaking decision to help him to the bridge 4 weeks later,

Mikey was a real gentlman. a loving, loyal boy who will live on in his progeny.

Negative for Amyloidosis

Chesapeakes Rare Commodity For Confucian.

2nd September 1994 - 19th October 2005

Modie wasn't a show dog but she was my champion & my heart dog, I know I can never replace her & I will always miss her........c..

Modie hated the showring, we always suspected that 6 months in quarantine had made her agraphobic ~ but she did produce some beautiful puppies for us, one of them "Confucian Making The Grade at Headholme" going on to be the first Shar Pei bitch in the UK to take a Stud Book Number ~

Modie past from Mast Cell Cancer.

Negative for Amyloidosis


Chadson Magic Star At Confucian

30th January 1993 - 3rd May 2001

Rosie also went under the alias of Mouse although nobody really knew why ! she was our very first " Show Girl " & will always hold a special place in our hearts...Mouse suffered from SFS all her life so consequently was never bred, she passed from acute kidney failure at 8 years old, which was way way to young.


Confucian Razzle Dazzle Em

19th October 2003 ~ 18th December 2006

Roxie was only ill for a few days, her passing was a terrible shock as it was so unexpected at such a young age.



Confucians Poetry In Motion ~ Lexie

11th May 1998 - 21st October 2008

Lexie was really sweet girl who never had a days illness until she passed very quickly from abdominal cancer at 10 1/2 years old, she had some beautiful puppies one of which Tilly who we have with us will be a contant reminder of her lovely mother.

Negative for Amyloidosis



Confucians She's Got The Look

29th March 1996 - 24th September 2007

Hattie was a special girl as she came from Modie's first litter, she had a long show career enjoying every minute of it, Hattie was my girl & sometimes a bit grumpy but we had an understanding & a mutual respect, sadly we were away when Hattie died , I still miss her taking up half of the bed.

Negative for Amyloidosis.

Isolas Freezeya Assets ~ Ziggy

12th February 1994 - 18th February 2008

Ziggy was a character like no other, he pulled on the sleeves of many of the most eminent judges in the showring ~ Zigs sired many puppies over the years & he will live on in his Great Great Grandchildren Orla & Fin here at Confucian.

Ziggy never had a days illness in all of his 14 years until less than a week before he passed with lung cancer.The picture above was taken on his 14th birthday 6 days before he left us.

He is sadly missed by many people that knew & loved him

Negative for amyloidosis