We are sorry this site is so out of date and hasn't been updated since 2009 and are currently working to correct this.

In early 1987 I saw my first Shar Pei & was like many others immediately captivated by their wrinkly charm ~ having had dogs all our lives me with English Springer Spaniels & Mick with Miniature Poodles & Afghan Hounds we decided to learn all about the breed before we considered having one of our own ~ as it happened we took in a rescue male called Frankie who had a wonderful personality & gave us the insight we needed to understand this unique breed.

Over the years we have imported a dog & two bitches from the US Kennel of Jill Parslow holder of the famous Chesapeake affix in Pennsylvania & a dog from the equally successful Royals kennel of Sue & Roy Anderson.

We ourselves have had moderate success with several of the dogs we have subsequently bred, including a Best Puppy at Crufts & the first UK bitch to win her KC Stud Book number. At the moment we don't show our Shar Pei but that might change.......

We have not bred a Shar Pei litter since 2007 but are now pleased to announce the arrival of 5 Red/Red Fawn Girls on 19th December 2014. Click to See them LIVE. !